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Welcome to my Links page.  Here you will find plenty of other awesome sites for video games, fan artists and more.
Note - Some of these sites may contain mature materials.  Enter at your own risk.

Wildcat's Favorite Sites
The Nintendo Database is quite the useful site for Nintendo fans.  It features complete directories to all of Nintendo's systems and all of their games for each one...I can gush about this place forever...go give it a visit if you love Nintendo.  Work is going on behind the scenes, so don't think the site is dead.
An awesome site featuring reviews, several game shrines, heaps upon heaps of game music, guides, game oddities, artwork and plenty more.  One of the best on the web.
This great fansite takes the CV vibe up to 11, filling the site with tons or retro CV sprite love and dedication.  It's also loaded with a lot of good stuff, including a bevy of art, strategies and music...certainly worth checking out.
An awesome site for fighter fans.  Although the webmaster has locked up some of the content via subscribing, this site still is the premiere fighting game site on the web.  Tons of character art, up-to-the-minute fighter news and much more.
A cool site that goes all out to cover a game franchise or certain games.  While the reviewers make a few mistakes, you'll still get a solid enough description of some of gaming's legends, hidden gems and import-only titles.
A site devoted to Nintendo, this place has encyclopedias on Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem and more, a huge image gallery of said series, and a ton of information you probably didn't know about your favorite Nintendo franchises.  Since they've become a Wiki, the site's only gotten better.
My personal favorite of all the RE sites I've traveled to, Biohaze has a large media gallery, heaps upon heaps of extras and files on RE, and the most current news on anything new with the series.  Well worth a look.
I've been waiting for someone to properly set up a great video game art gallery, and Creative Uncut is well on its way to becoming the best one out there.  Tons of art for a wide array of games have been uploaded as of now, and a few new bits are added every other day or so.  A great site design adds to the joy.
If you want to really have a good laugh, this is the Flash movie for you.  A fantastic Silent Hill 2 parody that's extremely funny for those who have played the game.  It's at Newgrounds, which does have mature content, but this movie is rated Teen for Mild Violence, so you'll be fine. ^^
My online store of choice.  Carries a vast selection of anime, games, toys and more!

Video Game Sites - Formerly three sites (including, Nintendo Life is a fantastic source of Nintendo information, new and old. - Video game MIDI central.  Thousands of tunes await you here. - This site collects horrible dubs from games.  Some laughs are pretty much guaranteed. - Definitely one of the leading Zelda fansites, with a huge amount of Zelda goodies. - FE Planet features an extensive image gallery and mountains of info for Fire Emblem. - Another great FE site, with its own huge database of info and art. - A fantastic site 100% completely devoted to Street Fighter's Cammy. - Thealmightyguru is an avid gamer, covering many games with reviews, fonts, music and more.  Well worth a visit. - An excellent MM site that covers all of his various games over the years. - This character shrine to Ada Wong is a case study on how to do a character fansite right. - A top notch Phoenix Wright site, with a great Hotel Dusk site, too. - While not as rich as Mr. P's shrine, The Castlevania Dungeon is still a solid CV fansite. - Abyssal Chronicles is an excellent Tales series fansite, with a bunch of info and art. - A great site for Soul Calibur fans, with character bios and a massive amount of media. - A great site for Dragon Quest VIII.  A nice walkthrough and a lot of other stuff is here. - A relatively new fansite for Eternal Arcadia (i.e. Skies of Arcadia's Japanese name).  A lot of the new SoA art I just hosted came from here, and it's also full of excellent information.  Well worth a visit for Skies fans.

Artist's Sites
rook's Site - A great friend and a great artist.  I've finally found his site, so now you too can enjoy his fantastic work. - My old SRK friend Hiten's going in a design direction, but still cranks out some cool artwork.
Talbaineric's Site - An old friend who used to frequent the SRK boards.  His work ranges from Capcom to Disney, and it's pretty solid stuff. - Ron Chan's works.  A great artist.
Kamui's Site - Wow...this guy is just amazing.  Here's another page he's been using that is much more recently updated, but doesn't have all of the artwork the other page I'll link both for now.
Poykun's Site - Poykun drew up Marie for me once, and he's got a cool style. - Gary Gao's site.  Unique style, and a friendly guy as well. - Jim Gray's huge art/gaming site. - An breathtaking art site run by three very talented Russian artists. - Some amazing Flash animations and some very unique art lie in wait for you here. - The curator of Nintendo Database's art page.  A nice style akin to Nintendo's retro work. - My old TNL friend Hero's page. - Another artist from NinDB, who has a crisp, simplistic style. - OMR hails from NinDB, and here's his art page. - An awesome artist that I don't know personally, but I really dig her work. - I love how this guy does hair. ^_^  Nice penwork. - This artist is another I don't know personally, but her Final Fantasy XII art is incredible! - My friend TEi from NinDB, he does a mishmash of art and fanfiction. - Another NinDBer artist (there's a lot of them, what can I say?) - TVEye also is from NinDB, and has a sweet style that he likes to play around with. - This is the site of Itsuki Hoshi, the artist of Skies of Arcadia.  Need I say more? ^_^

Misc. Sites
Anime News Network - A fantastic news source for you anime fans. - FLCL World, a rather solid fansite devoted to the greatness that is FLCL. - Flictonic is also a good FLCL website with plenty of awesome FLCL art. - My favorite band is Our Lady Peace, and this is a great OLP fan site...likely the most current with any and all OLP news.

Link banners will be available at the blog in due time.  Sorry for any inconvenience.